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Hua-hsia Lee

Doctor of Economics of Aus Botanical Institute


2009 - 2015 Adjunct Professor of Department of Public Administration & Public Science in National Chi Nan University

1995 Adjunct Professor of Center for General Educationin National Tsing Hua University

1996 - 2000 Adjunct Professor of East AsiaInstitute in National Chi Nan University

1983 - 2001 Adjunct Associate Professor / Professor of East Asia Institute in National Chengchi University

2007 - 2009 Researcher in Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research

July 1987 - April 1999 Researcher in the First Research Division of Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research

Feb 1983 - June 1987 Associate Researcher in the First Research Division of Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research

Oct 1980 - Jan 1983 Assistant Researcher in the First Research Divisionof Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research

1996 - 2003 Secretary-General of Cross Strait Business Development Fund (1996 - 2003)

1994 - 2007 Member of Research & Development Committee of Ministry Economic Affairs

Counselor of Weijing Development Co. , Ltd.

1988 - 1992 Counselor of National Federationof Industries


Professional Books & Thesis

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Conference Papers

LEE, Hua-Hsia, June 1985. “CCP’s Economic Reforms and its Impact on Taiwan, R. O. C. ” , 14th Sino-American Conference on Mainland China.

Assessment on Current Cross-Strait Trade&Investment, Seminar on Trade & Investment to Chinese Mainland.

Affects on the Development of East Asia from the Economic Reform Measures of Soviet Union, the 8th Chinese-Korean Scholars Conference.

Research on Cross-Strait Economic & Trade Interaction, Mainland Policy Seminar.

Introspection on Cross-Strait Economy and Trade, Current Mainland Policy and our Foreign Relations Seminar.

Reforms on Chinese State-owned Enterprises Ownership, Mainland Administration Seminar.

Mainland’s Economic Policy and Our Strategy. Current Situation on Mainland Seminar.

Primary Study on Taiwan-Hainan Trade Exchanges, Economic & Trade Development and Human ities Construction in Hainan.

Interactions on Tourism & Trade Relations between Taiwan, South China and Macao.

Taiwan-Macao Relationship Seminar.

Investment from Chinese Merchants from Southeast Asia and Its Impacts, Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission and CIER, Stepping into New Century, International Interactive Symposium on Taiwan & Chinese in Southeast Asia Economic Development.

Hongkong Economic Experience Summary, 1 stanniversary Seminar of Hongkong Sovereignty Handover.

Commissioned Research Report

Investigation on the trade relations between Hungary, Yugoslavia and the West, CPC.

Feasibility Study on Developing Small-Medium Enterprises in Belarus, commissioned by Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Study on the Development of Chinese Funded Banks in Hongkong and Their Relationships with CPC, commissioned by Financial Bureau.

Cross-Strait Economic Annual Report, commissionedby Mainland Affairs Council.

Affects on Taiwanese Merchants’ Investment & Cross-Strait Relations from the State-owned Enterprise Reform in Chinese Mainland, commissioned by Financial Bureau.

Cross-Strait Economic Annual Report, commissionedby Mainland Affairs Council.

Analysis on Cross-Strait Economic Situation.

Promote National Competitiveness-Cross Strait Relationship Group commissioned by Economic Construction Committee.

Internationlization of Small-Medium Enterprises, Current Situation, Issues and Prospect.

Translated Works & Others

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